A Prayer to Hecate

Recently, I bought a really nice little set of (lava stone!) prayer beads from Hearthfire Handworks over on Etsy. They were marketed as for Hades, but I wanted them for Hecate, instead. Also, just days before I saw them (thanks to Kristen’s want for the Poseidon prayer beads), I had the strangest thought race through my mind while watching something on one of the Nature channels: “I WANT A PIECE OF LAVA!” No idea where that came from, and it was not normal for me. Apparently, something bigger was at work here. Continue reading “A Prayer to Hecate”

What’s in a name?

The other day, Sorita D’Este posed a question on her Facebook page that I always give serious thought whenever any variation of it comes up:

What do you name yourself in relation to your magical or spiritual path, and what is the qualifying factor allowing you to do that?

Since I am so long-winded and tend to really go in deep with questions like this, I decided to respond in full with a blog post rather than making peoples’ eyes cross on Facebook.

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On the nature of ego

I have been bingeing the TV series The Exorcist recently, and in the second season, I suddenly realized that there was a lot going on regarding the nature of ego in the younger priest, Father Thomas.  At the end of season 1, he had succeeded in doing something that had previously been though impossible.  Because of this, he decided that he had been Chosen™ by God in order to perform this miracle.

In the first half of season 2, Tomas gets cocky and mouthy to his mentor ( defrocked Father Marcus, who had been an exorcist for many years) and, at one point, basically, “You hate it that God chose me, not you!”  Talk about giant ego right there.  Since I’m Buddhist, this duality really stuck out to me and made me do some thinking.

It seems to me that it is human nature to want to be unique, remarkable, special in one way or another.  We drive our kids to make the grade, make the team, be the team captain, etc.  As adults, we want to be known as the go-to person on one subject or another.  We jockey for the promotion or the raise and we get upset and sullen if we don’t get the recognition that we think that we deserve.  Therein lies the problem:  Most people are not unique, remarkable, or particularly special in any significant way.  We’re mostly average and run of the mill.

That’s not to say that we are not special to our friends and families, or that we have particular talents, but people generally fall within a relatively narrow spectrum of difference.  There are cases where a certain person exhibits some particularly advanced skill, but the Mozart-like virtuoso is rare indeed.  Most of the time, the remarkable people have nothing but drive and determination that separates them from the proverbial herd.

Back to the TV show:  When Father Tomas had it out with Father Marcus, it struck me that Tomas was suffering with an intense bout of ego and separation from his partner and their work.  What Marcus didn’t understand is that what he thought of as being Chosen™ was nothing more than being in the right place at the right time, with the right tools.  In other words, he lucked out and didn’t recognize it.

This is important, because it also helped me realize that *I* am still wanting to be a unique and special snowflake, and get disappointed (dukkha) because of my attachment to that desire.

Obviously, I have some stuff to work on still.

There is an old saying…

When a superior man speaks a thousand words, he may make a single mistake. When an inferior man speaks, he may achieve a single benefit.

-Hakuin, “Wild Ivy” trans. Norman Waddell

Hello, my name is Shoshin 正心

December 3, 2017 was a very auspicious day for me.  I will remember it as the day that I finally became a “real” Buddhist, never mind that I have been doing some of the work on my own for over a decade.

What do I mean that I became a “real” Buddhist?  I mean, I had previously spoken the formula for taking refuge, only alone and in the privacy of my own home.  It’s kind of hard to take refuge in the sangha with little or nothing in the way of sangha, so for the longest time, I dealt with imposter syndrome…  I claimed it, but I didn’t feel it.

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Sometimes, They make Their will known

Usually, my dreams are unremarkable.  Sometimes they are memorable in their strangeness or recurring themes.

Last night was different.  It was a very clear message, with Hekate (the Goddess that I work with) showing me exactly where She wants my shrine to her to be.  This is remarkable because I need to have it set up before tomorrow night in order for me to perform the Rite of the Devotee for membership in the Covenant of Hekate on the next Full Moon.

In the dream, I was clearing off a shelf next to my desk, where I currently have a Buddha tea-light holder and some educational materials.I had removed everything from the shelf and was wiping the accumulated dust (we life in an old, wood-floor house with no filter in the furnace) and assembling various altar decorations.  When I got out of bed and went to my desk downstairs, I was confused to see that the location had not been cleared.  My wife said that it was “obviously a hint” to which I replied, “No kidding! At least I know which one She wants!”

So, before I leave for work today, I’m cleaning off the space.  And I discovered that She doesn’t want me wearing one of my pieces of everyday jewelry while I’m at the altar/shrine.  Ans she wants me to move my Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags, too.

Full Moon


We will see if She continues or increases the direct communication.  I would not object to it, I think, as long as it’s not all day, every day.

Joining the Covenant of Hekate

A few years ago, I somehow stumbled across the Covenant of Hekate and devoured their public website.  I joined their public Facebook group, too, in an effort to learn more about how they viewed things.

What I learned about them was that, as opposed to my usual inclination, I wanted to take an active part and become a full fledged member.  This makes a total of 2 Pagan organizations that I have wanted to join.  More after the jump

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My birth horoscope

NewImageA friend of ours pulled up my natal chart a couple of weeks ago, and I took it and ran with it.  Now, I’m not big into astrology, so I admit that I only took the first big site that had 95% of the info that I was looking for and looked up what the ephemeral data reported.  Click through the jump to see what I came up with!  I have bolded the items that seemed to be particularly applicable to me.  The information behind the jump is purely copy pasta, and I have not done any further interpretation other than what came from cafeastrology.com


Attachment 4 2

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My Generation’s Day of Infamy

Some people will think me a bad person and sympathizing with the terrorists, but I think that we need to let the 9/11 trauma go. We need to let the wounds heal, and we need to grow past it.

Yes, it was a tragedy. Yes, it was an outrage. Yes, it was a black eye on the “Greatest Country In The World ™.” But the thing is, if we keep picking the emotional scab off every year, we’ll never heal. And the hate and fear will never go away.

There are plenty of other everyday tragedies that have a greater loss of life than happened in New York, but they are by ones and twos, and are not big political statements. Why are we outraged by one building collapse and some 3000 people dying but not a word is spoken about the almost 42000 deaths in in 2001? Are those lives less worthy of mourning? Are they less worthy of remembering?

I’m done with social media today. I’ll be back once the wailing is over, tomorrow.