My Generation’s Day of Infamy

Some people will think me a bad person and sympathizing with the terrorists, but I think that we need to let the 9/11 trauma go. We need to let the wounds heal, and we need to grow past it.

Yes, it was a tragedy. Yes, it was an outrage. Yes, it was a black eye on the “Greatest Country In The World ™.” But the thing is, if we keep picking the emotional scab off every year, we’ll never heal. And the hate and fear will never go away.

There are plenty of other everyday tragedies that have a greater loss of life than happened in New York, but they are by ones and twos, and are not big political statements. Why are we outraged by one building collapse and some 3000 people dying but not a word is spoken about the almost 42000 deaths in in 2001? Are those lives less worthy of mourning? Are they less worthy of remembering?

I’m done with social media today. I’ll be back once the wailing is over, tomorrow.