Joining the Covenant of Hekate

A few years ago, I somehow stumbled across the Covenant of Hekate and devoured their public website.  I joined their public Facebook group, too, in an effort to learn more about how they viewed things.

What I learned about them was that, as opposed to my usual inclination, I wanted to take an active part and become a full fledged member.  This makes a total of 2 Pagan organizations that I have wanted to join.  More after the jump

Sigil of the Covenant of Hekate

To join the Covenant of Hekate is at least a 2-stage process.  The first one is to answer a few questions, as can  be found on their membership page.  While the questions asked are relatively simple and straightforward, when it comes to matters that I feel are of significance, as I do with joining a religious organization, I like to put more than a little thought into things.  In light of that, it took me about 2 months in order for me to complete my initial questionnaire.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my initial application was accepted in just a day or two, especially since the page says that it can take up to 2 months for an answer.

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