Sounds of the Planets

We talk about how universal entities vibrate at different frequencies.  Well, the folks over at NASA have recorded electromagnetic vibrations from various bodies in our Solar System, transcoded the recordings into the range of human hearing, and shared some of the results with us.

I’m particularly fond of Saturn, myself, but give a listen to more, including the Earth and the Sun!

Not the Blood moon, but still colored

Orange moon
The moon is decidedly orange, Likely from Canadian smoke

Well, that picture didn’t come out the way I had hoped, but it’s off of my iPhone, so that might have something to do with it.

Anyway, the moon is distinctly orange right now, but is not a Blood Moon according to The Weather Channel.  According to TWC and NOAA, the color is almost certainly due to smoke from wildfires in Alaska and Canada making it’s way down into the American Midwest.  There are better images on the Weather Channel link above.

Note to self: Write a blog post concerning wildfires, why they happen, why they’re so severe, and what should be done about it.