Thoughts on thoughts

TL;DR American society has lot touch with the Divine as a whole, not just the Pagan community. But I think it is making a come-back.

The other day, Galina Krasskova made a post entitled “a few thoughts” on her blog, where she commented on the difference between the level of devotion and piety between where she is currently (for some reason, I think she’s in Poland, but it’s definitely somewhere “Old World”) and that which she sees in the Pagan community in the United States. The comparison is not complimentary to Americans. Big surprise. Continue reading “Thoughts on thoughts”

a few thoughts

Update: Fuller treatment of this topic over here: Thoughts on Thoughts

I think I might have some thoughts about this in the next couple of days. For example, in my case, I can’t rightly call myself devotional of ANYTHING, let alone a devotional polytheist. I mean, I was literally raised with no religion. As in “NO!” religion. Specifically disallowed in my childhood home, so I have even less foundation than what the author and her commenters mention.