Sounds of the Planets

We talk about how universal entities vibrate at different frequencies.  Well, the folks over at NASA have recorded electromagnetic vibrations from various bodies in our Solar System, transcoded the recordings into the range of human hearing, and shared some of the results with us.

I’m particularly fond of Saturn, myself, but give a listen to more, including the Earth and the Sun!

Pluto Rising

“And I’ve never stopped looking for those amazing places where mythology and science converge.

They are not so rare as you might believe.”

One thing that I’ve realized lately is that, at least for me, too much science kills the mystery of life. I’ve decided that I need to bring that back for myself, even if I know what causes that noise and light in the sky , rather than Thor’s battles.

A wise man , in another context, gave me a task many years ago: Bring back the dragons.