Where the gods are found

Source: Where the gods are found

I don’t currently see myself as a polytheist, but this is an interesting commentary about finding the spirit (Spirit) of place.  This is something that we have been discussing off and on over at the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids message board off and on for a while, as American Druids.  Several of us Americans have a feeling of being adrift, as so much of traditional and mythological Druidry is generally European and specifically Celtic and Gaulish.  In short, we (well, I, at least) can’t help but wonder how to be an American Druid, since us immigrants (as are all of us white folk, as opposed to First Nations/Native Americans) have families that look an awful lot like nomads, moving about the country and not having much of a “traditional family home” to look back on.

Western Hypocrites.

“We realise that people have been victimised by superstition so building mass awareness is critical” Yeah, your morel moral superiority is more important than native religions. Piker.

Fragile things

I need to absorb this a bit more deeply before I can make a cogent comment, but this is something I will need to get back to.

Hello world!

Hello again, Internet, it’s me.  I’m back under a different name, mostly unrelated to my public life.  I’m doing this mostly for myself, but also to hopefully help other people struggling with some of these same questions that I have.

Moon behind trees at nightfall
Moon behind trees at nightfall

I’ll be writing mostly about how I get Druidry and Buddhism to work together in my mind, and spirit, and how I adopt it to my family-oriented suburban mid-life reality.

A little about me:  I’ve been a practicing Pagan and specifically Wiccan in the past, but that didn’t satisfy me, so I eventually grew past that.  I’m a 20-year minister in the Universal Life Church, which is basically most of my adult life.  I live with depression and anxiety, which sometimes includes crippling self-doubt.  I’m a grad student.  I have a family of six that I live with, and have been married for about 17 years as of 2015.

I’ve been studying Buddhism with some gusto for about 10 years.  I’ve also had my hands on the Bardic grade course from the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids for about 10 years, which I have recently decided to pick up again and complete.  This is actually the second time that I’ve decided to pick it up again (first was several years ago), and I am in a very different place, mentally and spiritually.  I’ve also got a “study buddy” this time around, as one of my local associates had mentioned that he was had at least a passing interest in the course.  He is now a member of OBOD (a requirement for taking the courses) and working through the first couple of months worth of material.

I’ve been away from any sort of spiritual involvement for a long time, and have forgotten and “lost” a lot in the interim.  But, taking the Buddhist theory of beginners mind, I am starting anew.

Oh, and by the way, I am a darkling, a night walker.  I’ve been on the night shift almost all of the last 20 years.  Mornings for me are a bear, but get me into the night air and I come alive.