"Chosen by the Gods" A response

This evening, Galina posted another discourse that gave me some think thinks. Check her post (Chosen by the Gods) out for the background to this one. The post that I’m referring to here was elicited by an argument (her words) that she has with a colleague about why some people hear the Gods’ call moreContinue reading "Chosen by the Gods" A response

To dream an impossible dream…

Background: I have severe sleep apnea. Before I was diagnosed, I had gone some 20-30 years without dreaming. After getting a CPAP, I sleep fantastically and often dream. Sometimes I even remember them. Last night was one such night, but it made no logical sense. Kristen and Erik say it was “God shenanigans,” but IContinue reading To dream an impossible dream…

Trying to shake my own box.

I just read one of the longest blog posts of my life, over at Gangleri’s Grove: Devotion or “Psychotic Superstition” I respect Galina, but don’t always agree (or even understand) her mindset.  To me, she’s something of a hardline Heathen, a steadfast polytheist who has strong (VERY strong!) opinions about the current state of theContinue reading Trying to shake my own box.

Sounds of the Planets

We talk about how universal entities vibrate at different frequencies.  Well, the folks over at NASA have recorded electromagnetic vibrations from various bodies in our Solar System, transcoded the recordings into the range of human hearing, and shared some of the results with us. I’m particularly fond of Saturn, myself, but give a listen toContinue reading Sounds of the Planets